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Love Stories {a giveaway}

We received all of these entries for our giveaway.  It wasn’t our original plan to blog about them, but the stories of all of these great couples was too sweet not to share.  Enjoy and then go vote!  Each vote earns the couple another entry and a chance to win.  Oh, and if you can’t […]

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Brock Maddox, 8 days new {snap}

Ahhh, that fresh new baby smell, the little grunts and whimpers, the freshness and newness…what’s not to love?  We adore all new babies, but this baby is very special. See, I (Donna) am an only child (no, I’m not spoiled!) and growing up, my twin cousins, Laurie and Leslie were like my sisters.  We were […]

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A Love Story {Giveaway}

If you follow our facebook page, then you know that yesterday was my (Donna) wedding anniversary.  I decided to celebrate with all of our “fans” and give away a free photoshoot to a couple for some fun, romantic pictures.  To enter please submit a photo to with a brief ~love~ story about the two of you […]

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